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wood blewits, part 2

So, my little wood blewits grew BIG! And what do you do when you know a place where about 23 blewits are growing? You take 'em 'n' cook'em!

I decided to try a new recipe. Richard Mabey (in his book "Food for Free") says you can cook blewits like tripe and has some rough guidelines how to cook them so, which I tried and which I am giving you here.


some big wood blewits (or field blewits) (I used 5 for me)
milk, to cover (depends on your blewits and pan)
2 tbsp butter
½ medium-sized onion
dill (or sage)
some more butter
maybe 3 tbsp flour
salt and pepper to taste

and if you want to serve it with mashed potato,
2-3 potatoes
3-4 tbsp double cream (or milk)
some more butter
(oh, and a potato masher! I didn't have one and I used a fork, which DID. NOT. WORK.)

1. Separate the stems from the caps (use a knife if you think you're going to ruin the caps), and chop the stems finely along with the onion.

2. Put the caps in a pan and spread the stems and onion around them, as well as the butter (put bits of butter around). Cover with milk (a bit more is always better than a bit better), and simmer for about 30' (depending on how big your blewits are).

3. After simmering for 30', add some more butter and flour to thicken, and add season with salt and pepper (and some more dill/sage). You can also add chopped-up cheese at this point, which will melt and make it taste nicer. But don't use blue cheese because the taste of the cheese will be too strong for the taste of the blewits.

4. Simmer for 15', stirring occasionally to make sure it is thick enough, and when you're finished, pour on a plate, inside a ring of mashed potato. (To make the mashed potato: quarter the potatoes, boil for about 30', peel, mash with butter and cream, serve)

The book says you can serve with toast and apple sauce, but I didn't have either handy, so I'll have to try some other time.

I also used some maltagliati pasta (literally translates to "badly cut", and it is pasta randomly cut - you clearly can't buy those, but you can make them quite easily when you are making your own pasta: just slice pasta randomly!) and mixed them in with the coating to add some more stuff to eat.

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