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oyster coaster

So, on the way back home, I decided to go through a small hill just to see if I will find any mushrooms there. It was the same area I had found my very first wild (edible) mushroom, a parasol, some three weeks ago.

As I was returning on my bicycle, I had to carry it on my shoulder to climb up, as there's no path that goes up that hill. That meant that less than five minutes later, I was looking for a place to leave my bike so I could search around on foot - and the moment I leave my bike, hurray, a parasol mushroom!

Unfortunately it was too old to eat, but right next to it was what looked like honey mushrooms (which turned out to be something completely different), and as I keep walking down I see the most delightful thing - two oyster mushrooms!

After taking the spore print (which looks just beauuuuutiful) to make sure they are indeed oyster mushrooms, I cooked them (OBVIOUSLY!) and ate them (even more obviously..).

I cut them in stripes and sautéed them, then poured some white wine, and after it evaporated I added some tomato and onion (two vegetables which just constantly hang around my cupboards), caramelised all of them together (mit honey), added some flour and seasonings, and then added a beaten egg.

You have two choices here: you can either eat them as-is, like an omelette, or..

you can mix them up, add some cheese to melt, and add on top of butter-fried slices of home-made bread!

Tastes absolutely deliciously, and they go very, very well with egg. They don't have a strong flavour, but they add a tasty touch when you mix them with other flavours.


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